Tralodroen scholars (primarily Patrician Dradinites) have made four basic divisions when it comes to documenting the history of Tralodren. The first two divisions are unrecorded and recorded time Unrecorded time is the span of years that came before the first known written documentation was put down by the ancient ancestors of the mortal races who now inhabit the planet. Because of this understanding, it is widely held that recorded time is the beginning of not only written history, but mortalkind as well. Before recorded time, there is nothing but oral legends, myths, and uncertainty; the creation, reign of the gods and the dranors. Seen mostly as somewhat reliable, unrecorded time is approached with a grain of salt whenever it is studied by scholars who feel a bit uneasy without their written documentation to defend and define their own historical ideas.

Recorded time is then divided into two more sections. The Divine Vindication, which all see as a watershed moment in history, marks all recorded time into two distinct historical periods: all that came before, B.V. (Before Vindication), and all that came after, P.V. (Post Vindication). With this explanation in place let's now explore the history of Tralodren.


The Beginning
The Thangarian Age
The Pantheonic Age
The Titantic Age
The Dranoric Age
The Shadow Years
The First Age of The Wizard Kings
The Second Age of The Wizard Kings
The Third Age of the Wizard Kings
The Fourth Age of the Wizard Kings
The First War of Magic
The Second War of Magic
The Third War of Magic
The Divine Vindication
The Age of Ash
Present Day



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