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Tralodren is the name of a fantasy world setting but also encompasses the story universe in which it resides. First created by Chad Corrie in the early 1990's it has since evolved and developed into a rich setting able to field stories from a wide array of formats such as graphic novels, prose novels, short stories, digital works, and other forthcoming venues and ventures. With a rich history and collection of ideas and inhabitants it allows for the telling of a varied selection of stories, ranging from more serious tales to the comedic, epic in scale to more day in the life.

If you would like to read more about Chad Corrie you can check out his website. If you were interested in looking at a venture or picking up a license for the property please email Chad at: chad (at) chadcorrie(dot)com.

Have any questions about the setting or works in general? Please feel free to check out the FAQ page. If you can't find your answer there you can always send a question to: fan(at)tralodren(dot)com.

You can find further information––including updates and news--on Tralodren's Twitter and Facebook Pages.