Religion and faith play an important part in Tralodren, with a pantheon of gods and their servants—both of whom have been known to get into the fray with mortals from time to time. And while temples, both great and small, dot the landscape alongside shrines and sacred sites, no one is compelled to worship anything. One is free to bend the knee to one or more gods or ignore them altogether.

Beyond the gods are divinities, beings who exist in other cosmic planes and realms and often are seen as helpers to or servants of the gods. Though this line can become blurred at times as several cults centered around these cosmic beings have arisen throughout the millennia.

The current Tralodroen pantheon is comprised of sixteen gods. Many religions have their own sects allowing for a variety of different religious pursuits, not counting the various forms of shamanism and cults that come and go throughout the centuries.

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